Grant Areas

Grant Areas



Arghyam supports projects in the following areas:


-          Advocacy

Arghyam believes that advocacy is essential for bringing about equity and sustainability in water management on a large scale.

-          Water Quality

Arghyam lays stress on importance of having access to safe water to all, and hence, has been supporting projects that address the water quality issues.

-          Groundwater Management

Arghyam supports projects that view groundwater holistically and then proceed to manage it.

-          Drinking Water Management

Drinking water is a basic human right. To this end, Arghyam supports projects that intend to achieve this through innovative and people friendly technologies and processes.

-          Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting (RWH) has emerged over the years as one of the most effective solutions for tackling water quality and quantity issues. Arghyam supports projects that promote RWH.

-          Sanitation

Water and sanitation are so closely linked to each other that one of these issues cannot be solved without solving the other. Sanitation forms a component of several projects supported by Arghyam.

-          Waterbody Restoration

With the advent of pipelines and household water supply, traditional, community-managed water harvesting structures are in a state of neglect. Arghyam supports projects that strive to revive such waterbodies.

-          Education and Capacity Building

For any project to succeed, Arghyam believes it is important to create awareness and build the capacities of the community.

-          Integrated Water Management

Arghyam believes that it is through an integrated approach to domestic water management in a village that the community would enjoy reliable, sustainable access to safe and adequate water for living.

-          Wastewater Management

Reducing wastewater generation at source, treating it and recycling it are some aspects of water that need to be promoted at a larger scale. Arghyam supports projects that explore efficient, low-cost wastewater treatment options.

-          Government Partnerships

Arghyam believes that partnering with the government to scale up the reach of a project, while ensuring that the last-mile issues are addressed.

-          Water Research

Water recycling, water-project management and efficient usage of water especially in agriculture are some of the areas where research and technological innovations could have a large impact. Arghyam supports such research.


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